Application of Dark Biotechnology

Application of Dark Biotech
Application of Dark Biotech

Science has made today’s technology and facilities possible, but it has also caused some destruction and devastation. Its misuse can end the world in an instant.

This specializes in the study of microorganisms, bioweapon, bioterrorism, biowarfare, biocrimes, and anticrop warfare toxins in humans, livestock and crops. The advantages and disadvantages of this dark biotechnology indicate the dark side of biotechnology. 

Bioweapon can bring great calamity and destruction to the world by abusing the extreme power of this technology.

Following are the Application of Dark Biotech:

S.N Application of Dark Biotech
1. Biological Warfare
2. Bioweapons

Biological Warfare

People’s emotions are extraordinary. This feeling makes people the most kind, ideal, violent, cruel character in the world. It is human nature to take revenge on someone who hurts them. But the same spirit of revenge has led to great wars in the world.

The idea of ​​using every means to defeat the enemy to the best of one’s ability has been scientifically developed and extremely frightening weapons have been developed.

Biotechnology is no different from this dark side of science.

Weapons made using many chemicals, compounds and substances can cause great destruction, but biological compounds can be used to transmit toxic diseases in water, air and by all means with pathogenic microorganisms, or to infectious agents or toxic weapons such as anthrax, brucellosis, botulism, etc.

It is terrible. Such invisible bio-wars have been going on for a long time.


People make many kinds of weapons for their own protection, but the weapons also take their own lives.

Bio-weapons are manufactured using biological agents, microorganisms, pathogens and toxins to contaminate humans, crops, livestock, animals, or the entire environment and to capture and defeat enemies.

Such biological weapons sometimes work sluggishly and sometimes destroy in an instant. The use of such weapons can lead to mass killings, so terrorists can use them to cause great damage.

Bioweapons such as Anthrax, Botulinum, Tularemia and Variola are known as the most dangerous bioweapons in the world.

Since such weapons are easy to develop and launch, they can be considered the most dangerous bioweapons and dark inventions in science.

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