Blue Biotechnology Application and Everything Need to Know

The use of biological system in living organisms especially to develop medicinal products is considered as biotechnology. Obviously, different species of organisms live in different places.

Researchers have classified biotechnology according to the color of the particular habitat of specific organisms.

As the color of water is blue, they have assigned the name of blue biotechnology related to aquatic, coastal and marine organisms. 

Following are the Application of Blue Biotech:

S.N Application of Blue Biotech
1. Food Supplement
2. Bio-Fuel
3. Human Health
4. Industrial Use
5. Transgenic Fish

Food Supplement

Due to the rapid population growth in the world today, quality and adequate food production has not been possible due to many factors. As a result, many things are out of balance. In this perspective, aquatic animals are being taken as food supplements.

Another thing is that fish and marine creatures are full of nutrients that our body needs, so the demand for such organisms is increasing. It is important to have nutritious food to survive and stay healthy.

Fruits, vegetables and grains alone make it difficult to supplement nutrition as the current use of chemicals. Aquatic animals are considered to be a reliable alternative to food supplements as only terrestrial animals are not sufficient regarding this matter.


A sustainable source of bio-fuel is another significant application of marine biotechnology. Forests are being destroyed unnecessarily for fuel. Seaweeds will be very useful in reducing the high cost of fuel.

Algal biomass does not require sea or river to grow. It can also be produced and used as fuel in ponds, lakes and water bodies. By doing good research and using it properly by the consumers, the expense can be reduced by producing such algae in the ditches and using it as fuel.

Human Health

There is the availability of food supplements from sea creatures, more significantly scientists have produced many medicines and cosmetic products that benefit human health.

Painkillers, antibiotics, anticancer drugs and other medicines made from aquatic animals are considered to be very effective. This will benefit human health as well as balance the ecosystem.

On the other hand, Marine Sponges (cleaning), Marine turtles (skin care), Seaweed (skin care), Shark fish (beauty products), Coral (cosmetic powder), Jelly fish (anti aging product), Hydras (beauty products), Phytoplankton (skin care) and Sea fennel (wrinkle remover) are some examples of active ingredients for cosmetic products. 

Industrial Use

The industrial sector is also an important base of human civilization. Just being educated is not enough for development. The medicines, packaging food, the cosmetics products, the tools and the clothes will also come from the industry.

Therefore, the industries get benefits the most from aquatic animals and plants. Industrial biotechnology is directly related to the fact that some of these resources cannot be consumed and harmful without fermentation and processing. Therefore, a significant application field of blue biotechnology is industries. 

Transgenic Fish

In fact, many things are created out of scarcity. The justification for modifying the genes of aquatic creatures is also the example of it. Despite the unlimited supply of fish, the demand for fish and seafood in the world has not been met.

This situation has been created due to rapid population growth on the one hand and declining reproduction of aquatic animals due to water pollution.

It is a great achievement of the scientists to modify the DNA of the fish using genetic engineering technique and produce a much higher quality than natural. Atlantic salmon, tilapia, common carp, rainbow trout, mud loach etc. can be taken as examples. Producers can reap economic benefits on the other hand customers can consume healthy and quality food.

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