Top 10 Biotech University in Japan

Top 10 Biotech University in Japan
Top 10 Biotech University in Japan

1. Nagoya University

Location: Chikusa – Ku



Courses Offered: Biological Science, engineering, Bio agriculture

Founded In: 1947

Nagoya University is a Japanese national university. It is located in Chikusa – Ku, Nagoya, and the 3rd highest-ranked university in Japan. This university dates back to 1871 as a temporary medical school. It was further expanded and reestablished as Nagoya Imperial University it 1939 and renames Nagoya University again I 1947. This Japanese national university has a profound name in the field of science. It has been home to many Nobel prize winners and a place of world-class research achievements in science. Many types of research regarding the Sakata model, Okazaki fragment, Blue led, etc were done in this university. 

Nagoya University has become a comprehensive university with 9 different undergraduate programs and 14 different graduate programs. It is also home to more than 1600 international students currently and thus has a wide range of courses available in English. 

2. Kitami Institute of technology

Location: Kitamani city 



Courses Offered: engineering, physical sciences, agriculture & forestry

Founded In: 1960

Kitamani Institute of technology is a university in Japan. It was established in 1960 as a Junior Research College in Kitamani city. It has now grown to become one of the best universities in Japan and the world with a wide range of educational departments and subject areas for both undergraduate and graduate students. Kitami Institute of technology is a coeducational type of school recognized by the ministry of education in china with its degree being recognized around the world. Kitami Institute of Technology has about two thousand students ( which has about 5% international students) enrolled. The admission process is based on an entrance test conducted by the university which is quite tough. 

The undergraduate programs are usually four years long and mainly focus on different types of engineering. There are two undergraduate schools: earth, environmental engineering, and regional and social design engineering. The masters and doctoral degrees are also centered around engineering and technology. 

3. University of Tsukuba 

Location: Tsukuba Science City



Courses Offered: Life sciences, Engineering, Medical Sciences

Founded In: 1973

The University of Tsukuba is one of the most prestigious universities in Japan established by the Japanese Government. Founded in 1973, it is one of the best institutes for technology around the world. It spreads over 258 hectares and is located in Tsukuba Science City, a city northeast of Tokyo, where one in ten residents is a researcher. This institution has a major focus on science and has interdisciplinary studies with international cooperations in North Africa and Asia. Home to three Nobel laureate, the University of Tsukuba is the tenth best research institute in Japan. It has a campus extension in Tokyo offering graduate courses. 

The University of Tsukuba, with a slogan “Imagine the future” offers a systematically and meaningfully designed curriculum from admission in fields like industrial technology, health science, and information and communication accessibility for students all over the world.

4. University of Tokyo

Location: Tokyo city



Courses Offered: Life sciences, Engineering, Medical Sciences

Founded In: 1877

The University of Tokyo was established in 1877 as the first national university in Japan by the merging of Tokyo Kaisei School and Tokyo Medical School. This merged university has four faculties: Law, Science. Letter and Medicine. The University of Tokyo merged with many different schools over the year specialized in various fields like the Imperial College of Engineering to form a large comprehensive research university. This coeducational western system school is the most prestigious university and admission to it guarantees attractive job offers. 

The University of Tokyo now has 10 faculties and 15 graduate schools. It is home to 30,000 students enrolled out of which more than 2100 are from overseas. The university aims to provide its student with the best academic environment for intellectual development. This university has numerous alumni at the best in their fields including seventeen prime ministers, sixteen Nobel prize winners, etc. 

5. Osaka university 

Location: Osaka City



Courses Offered: Medical Science, Life Science, Biomedical Engineering, Pharmaceutical engineering

Founded In: 1931

Osaka University, also known as University of Osaka) is one of the best universities in Japan. It is a public research university located in Osaka Prefecture. This Imperial University is recognized as one of the top global universities in the world and ranked among one of the top three public universities in Japan and the 71st worldwide. This university started to grow itself with five faculties – Science, Medicine, Engineering, Letters, and Law – to new research institutes in various other faculties. It established the first engineering school and the first human science school in Japan, which was cross-disciplinary. 

Osaka University of the University of Osaka has been home to numerous prominent scholars and scientists. Nobel laureates like Hideki Yukawa, Osamu Tezuka, Shimon Sakaguchi, etc were from this university. This university is now a major attraction for students from all over the world. 

6. Chiba university

Location: Chiba town



Courses Offered: medical system engineering, biomedical sciences, applied biochemistry

Founded In: 1949

Chiba University is a Japanese University established in 1949 by the union of Chiba Medical College, Chiba Normal School, and several other local schools like Chiba horticultural high school, etc in the area. Located in a town called Chiba on the Tokyo Bay, this university is ideally between two airports of Tokyo making travel convenient. The University has all four campuses in the Chiba prefecture, which is an area of high industrialization, intellect, and achievement.

 Chiba University has a great role in the advancement of science, engineering, technology, and research. It is also a prominent school for social sciences. The Chiba University community continuously adapts with the changing world to provide the students with the best educational methodologies and has therefore been ranked under the top 100 by “The times Higher education”. 

With nine faculties, the university has eleven thousand students enrolled for undergraduate. More than 2 thousand in graduate and post-graduate educational programs out of which five percent are international students. This university has a large body of research scholars renowned all over the world because of its excellent teaching methodologies.  

7. Kyushu University

Location: Fukuoka City



Courses Offered: Development research course, medical science, life science

Founded In: 1903

Kyushu University is a public university located in Fukuoka city in Japan. It is one of Japan’s National University founded in 1903. Its history dates back to a medical school of the Fukuoka which was later reorganized to. Become an independent Kyushu University. This university has contributed to excellent higher education in Japan for over 100 years. It has constantly provided students with new research opportunities integrating the latest technologies and provide a unique academic environment to encourage creativity. Through its eight different campuses, eleven undergraduate schools, and seventeen graduate schools, Kyushu University has about twelve thousand undergraduate and seven thousand graduate and postgraduate enrollment. 

Kyushu University has been recognized as a top university all around the world. It was ranked as 4th in Times Higher Education and was selected as a Top Type University because it was the most prestigious research university.

8. Tohoku University 

Location: Sendai

Contact: study


Courses Offered: Applied bioscience, biomedical engineering, informative science

Founded In: 1907

Tohoku University is a Japanese national university and the third Imperial University in Japan. It was established in 1907 under the name Tohoku Imperial University under the Meiji government. This university was the first university in Japan to accept female and foreign students departing itself from other universities with its core value to open doors to all. 

Tohoku University has four main campuses which are spread in the city of Sendai. Sendai is home to millions of sophisticated historical places and the political and economic center of northeast Japan. With the university’s 10 faculties, 16 graduate schools, and 6 research institutions, it attracts students from all over the world. It has facilitated talented researches to come up with inventions that improve quality of life like microwave ovens, steel-wire recorders, antenna, etc. It also pioneered in next-generation medicine and disaster. It has been constantly recognized as one of the Top Type university in Japan. 

9. Kobe university 

Location: Kobe City

Contact: lkyomu@lit.kobe-u.


Courses Offered: Biomedical Science, Bioresource Science, Medical technology 

Founded In: 1949

Kobe University is a leading Japanese national university. It is located in the city of Kobe. It was established in 1949 based in western Japan. This university is a coeducational type of educational institution which has been vigorously pursuing academic excellence with the spirit of, ‘’Integrity, Freedom and cooperation, for more than a hundred years. 

Today, Kobe University has ten faculties, fifteen graduate schools, and research institutions providing a creative educational environment for over fifteen thousand students from all over the world. It is particularly famous for pursuing social sciences and biomedical sciences. This university promotes interdisciplinary research and education. 

The selection in this prestigious university has a rate of about 10-20% which is based on the entrance exam conducted by the school. The university, by encoring the students to constantly step out o their box, has a strong alumni network in various fields. 

10. Okayama University 

Location: Tshuhima-Naka, Okayama 



Courses Offered: Biophysiological Sciences, Science of Functional Recovery and Reconstruction, Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering in Health Systems

Founded In: 1949

Okayama University is a Japanese national university. It is situated in Tsushima-Naka, Okayama. It originated from the Medical Training Place in 1870. This recognized medical training facility became Okayama Medical College and with several other schools, Okayama National University was established in 1949.

Since its establishment, this university has been enjoying the reputation of being one of the best universities in Japan and the world. It has continuously developed its excellence in education and research areas. 

Okayama University has an extensive campus with 11 faculties for graduate and post-graduate studies in fields like humanities, social, life science, etc. There are currently about 13 thousand students among which 500 are international students. 

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