Top 15 Chinese Pharma Companies in 2020

A pharmaceutical Company, or medication organization, is a business authorized to look into, manufacture, advertise and additionally appropriate medications, most normally with regards to medicinal services. They are dependent upon an assortment of laws and guidelines in regards to the protecting, testing and advertising of medications, especially physician endorsed drugs.

In the midst of rivalry in its greatest market, the US, Indian medication producers are searching for accomplices in China, the world’s second biggest medication showcase. This is concurring another report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, which gauges that increasingly Indian organizations will enter the pharma business in China through joint endeavors.

Significant pharmaceutical organizations are taking a gander at China as a huge chance, making the market one of the center territories for future development Indian organizations are looking for accomplices that can make substantial business commitments, shield IP, guarantee operational control and oversee ability. Five joint endeavors are now set up in China.

The historical backdrop of Indian pharmaceutical industry in 1970’s was nearly non-presence. Today, India has increased massive significance and cut a specialty for itself in the pharmaceutical area. Truth be told, it has risen as a major implied for the pharmaceutical business. In this day and age, Indian pharmaceutical industry positions fourth as far as volume and thirteenth as far as worth.

Here are Top 15 Chinese Pharma Companies in 2020 which are as expanion of Chinese pharmaceutical business.

S.N Company CEO Number of Employee Market Capital
1. Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co. Ltd Sun Piaoyang 21,016 493.92 Billion
2. Yunnan Baiyao Minghui Wang 7,100 120.28 Billion
3. CSPC Pharmaceutical CAI Dongchen 8170+ 92.93 Billion
4. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Wu Yifang 28,848 86.34 Billion
5. Sinopharm Group Company Stephen Tse 128,000 60 Billion
6. GuangZhou BaiYunshan Pharmaceutical Stock Co. Ltd. Chuyuan Li 13000+ 53.64 Billion
7. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd Laura Benjamin 30,590 45.81 Billion
8. Huadong Medicine Co. Ltd. Bang Liang Li 7,100 43.0 5Billion
9. Shandong Buchang Pharmaceutical Zhao Tao 8004+ 31.20 Billion
10. Tasly Pharmaceutical Henry Sun 9,274 22.37 Billion
11. China Meheco Laura Benjamin 8000+ 15.965 Billion
12. Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Xing Tian Ma 12,596 12.83 Billion
13. Beijing Tong Ren Tang Pharmaceutical Laura Benjamin 8107+ 8.45 Billion
14. Harbin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. Zhenping Zhang 15.40K 8.276 Billion
15. Zhejiang International Group Co. Ltd. Ju Fang Jiang 2,524 2.76 Billion

Following are the indepth analysis of: Top 15 Chinese Pharma Companies in 2020

1. Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co. Ltd

Annual Revenue :$2.7 Billion

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 21,016

Total Funding : $ 493.92 Billion

C.E.O. :  Sun Piaoyang

Status : Chinese pharmaceutical company

Founded : 1970

Jiangsu Hengrui Medicine Co., Ltd. creates, produces, and markets an assortment of drugs and medication pressing materials. The Company’s items incorporate enemy of tumor drugs, torment executioners, hostile to disease meds, aluminum foil, and other related items. Jiangsu hengrui medicine co. Ltd. is recorded in Trade India’s rundown of checked venders offering incomparable nature of and so forth. Purchase in mass from us for the best quality items and administration.

Hengrui Medicine is a main pharmaceutical organization situated in China with an emphasis on look into, improvement, assembling, and commercialization of creative and great social insurance items. Hengrui was set up in 1970 and recorded in Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2000. The organization positions top 30 worldwide in pharmaceuticals industry by a market capitalization of more than 30 billion USD, and is home to in excess of 21,000 representatives around the world.

Hengrui not just stands apart as a leader in disease drugs, differentiate specialists, and careful meds, but at the same time is a lead individual from the National Anti-Tumor Medicine Technology Innovation Industry-Education-Research Alliance. Hengrui possesses a National Targeted Drug Engineering Technology Research Center, and a post-doctoral research station. In May 2018, Hengrui Medicine was recorded in Forbes’ main 100 world’s most inventive organizations and positioned the 64th, where just 7 organizations from China were on the rundown.

Hengrui completely claims 8 assembling offices for little and enormous particles just as therapeutic gadgets. All offices are affirmed and evaluated by NMPA, most likewise endorsed by US FDA, EDQM, TGA, and PMDA. Grasping the soul of “Genuineness and Trustworthiness, Quality First” as a business rule, Hengrui drives the Chinese markets for hostile to disease drugs, careful analgesics, specific mixtures, and difference specialists. Until this point in time, Hengrui has 10+ items affirmed in Europe, US, and Japan, covering injectables, oral details, and inhalational soporifics, and has accomplished amazing deals in those business sectors.

Seeking after the idea of “Exceeding expectations in Science, Enhancing Life”, Hengrui considers its to be as a Chinese global pharmaceutical organization, and ceaselessly takes a stab at development, progress, and accomplishment of new achievement in the social insurance industry.

Annual Income and Revenue

During the year finished 31 March 2019 2,734,000 offers were given raising £72,521,000. During the year finished

31 March 2018 3,355,000 offers were given raising £84,706,000. No offers were repurchased by the Company during these years.

In the course of the last one quarters, Jiangsu Hengrui Pharmaceutical’s income has diminished by 0%. In particular, in Q4 2018’s income was $2.7B.

Company Research

JIANSU HENGRUI MEDICINE CO., LTD. is a China-based organization, basically occupied with the assembling and appropriation of pharmaceutical tablets, infusions and crude materials. The Company’s fundamental items portfolio comprises of antineoplastic medications, angiomyocardiac drugs, drugs for medical procedure, differentiate operators, anti-microbials, claim to fame implantations and others. The Company disperses its items inside household advertise and to abroad markets.


As an inventive pharmaceutical venture, the organization has consistently put the wellbeing request of individuals in China and even the entire world in any case, and has been dedicated to improving the therapeutic treatment and wellbeing conditions. The organization is committed to making a sound life for all mankind, and passing on the intensity of affection and trust in individuals.

Up until this point, the organization has gained extraordinary ground in regions, for example, antineoplastic, diabetes, cardiovascular, bio-pharmaceutical, and the resistant framework, with a couple of new drugs coming up every year, which benefits the patients enormously. In the in the interim, it has upgraded its collaboration with remote colleagues and taken endeavors to elevate China-made drugs to the world to satisfy its point.


In the course of recent years, China has made extraordinary walks in growing an imaginative medication industry. For all the discussion, pessimists state, China presently can’t seem to encourage a blockbuster with $1 at least billion in yearly deals. In any case, as Hengrui and other Chinese firms dispatch their own medications at home and permit the remote rights to other people, it is turning out to be certain that a creative medication industry is flourishing.

By and large, Hengrui contributes over 10% of its deals in R&D, which is huge by Chinese guidelines. The medication goliath Pfizer by correlation spent about 15% of its deals on R&D in 2016. With offers of $1.6 billion a year ago, Hengrui does the greater part of its business in China. However, it likewise sends out completed medications to the U.S., making it one of only a handful not many Chinese firms to have the U.S. Nourishment and Drug Administration’s alright to do as such.

2. Yunnan Baiyao

Annual Revenue : 10.7 Billion Yuan

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 7,100

Market Capital Value : $ 120.28 Billion

President :  Minghui Wang 

Status : Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1903

Yunnan Baiyao is a conventional Chinese pharmaceutical Medicine equation utilized for twisted mending, as a torment releiver and to quit dying. It has not yet been appeared to treat malignant growth. Yunnan Baiyao (YNBY; “White medicine from the Province of Yunnan” in Mandarin) is an outstanding exclusive customary Chinese drug item.

Yunnan Baiyao was founded by a Chinese man named Qu Huanzhang from Jiangchuan County in Yunnan Province. He had decided to investigate the whole locale and taste its many herbs. In 1902, he planned “Qu Huanzhang Panacea” which became Yunnan Baiyao (“White drug from Yunnan”) In the Battle of Taierzhuang of 1938 (among Chinese and Japanese forces), Mr. Qu Huanzhang gave in excess of 30,000 jugs of Yunnan Baiyao to the Chinese National Revolutionary Army, as far as anyone knows sparing the lives of numerous fighters.

Annual Income and Revenue

For the nine months finished 30 September 2019, Yunnan Baiyao Group Co., Ltd incomes expanded 8% to RMB21.65B. Net gain expanded 7% to RMB3.54B. Incomes mirror an expansion sought after for the Company’s items and administrations because of good economic situations. Net gain was incompletely balanced by Impairment Loss on Assets increment from RMB32M to RMB266.7M (cost), Selling Expense increment of 8% to RMB2.76B.

Company Research

The Yunnan Baiyao Capsule (YBC), a well known conventional Chinese prescription recipe in China, was made in 1902, and has a long, more than 100-year history. The YBC drug, the recipe of which is a state-ensured mystery, is accessible in the market. It is particularly powerful for discharge, hemostasis, help with discomfort and apocatastasis, and is generally utilized in the offices, for example, orthopedics, respiratory consideration, gastroenterology and gynecology.

Hospital intensive monitoring (HIM) can investigate more data about this medication and will contribute fundamentally to the ADR profile. AEs or ADRs are both revealed by patients and doctors . The pooled information from the nitty gritty records of AEs and ADRs in observing destinations can be utilized for figuring the frequency of YBC-related ADRs, and in this manner investigated to find more data about medication security.

For the customary restorative equations passed on to us from an earlier time, the test is the means by which to guarantee the wellbeing and nature of these home grown items for the shopper. The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) joins huge significance for distinguishing, detailing and surveilling of the medication responses for prescriptions during the assembling procedure.

As this is a regularly utilized Chinese patent medication, accomplishing an increasingly far reaching understanding about the ADRs is a commendable try. Along these lines, a cross-sectional HIM of YBC was led at 163 clinics in China, in which this patent medication was recommended, to give careful and solid information and eventually plan the ADR profile.


AE after YBC treatment was characterized as a side effect, infection or disorder that can have an impact on a sound state, including any abnormity from research facility or different assessments during the perception time frame.

Among them, a genuine unfavorable occasion was characterized as any untoward therapeutic event which could incorporate passing, hazardous conditions, necessity of inpatient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization, tenacious or critical handicap/insufficiency, inborn abnormality/birth imperfections, or prerequisite of mediation to counteract lasting impedance or harm.

ADR evaluation was accomplished by collective choice. In this procedure, 5 delegates of the specialists in-control and 5 traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) pros with a senior expert post, examined, in meeting, the reason for AEs and surveyed the likelihood of ADRs. In the informational index of AEs, impossible related AEs were at first prohibited, and afterward the staying likely related ADRs were characterized by the Naranjo Adverse Reaction Probability Scale (APS) , and applied as a judgment apparatus to survey the causality in 4 evaluations: “clear”, “plausible”, “conceivable” or “far fetched” of potential ADRs.


The Chinese government is empowering significantly greater deals. Lately, Beijing has been advancing Chinese prescription as a feature of a recovery of China’s antiquated legacy, from Confucian good lessons to conventional expressions, in a mission to encourage national pride, venture social impact and, obviously, make new openings and fares. The State Council, China’s top administering body, as of late ventured to such an extreme as to approach present day specialists to examine the miracles of Chinese drug.

Every one of these patterns point to a conceivably bigger market for Yunnan Baiyao. Wang Yinghu, senior scientist at counseling firm Forward Industries Institute in Shenzhen, gauges that the offers of Chinese conventional drug will dramatically increase by 2022 to $270 billion, or around 35 percent of the all out medicinal services advertise.

3. CSPC  Pharmaceutical

Annual Revenue :  HK $3,655 Million                                                               

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 8170+

Market Capital Value : $ 92.93 Billion

C.E.O.:  CAI Dongchen

Status : Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1992

CSPC Pharmaceutical Group investigates, creates, fabricates and sells pharmaceutical items. Its home office is in China’s Hebei Province. CSPC produces both dynamic pharmaceutical fixing and plans. Programming interface items incorporate penicillin, cefalosporins, engineered nutrients, caffeine and ranitidine.

CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited is a venture holding organization essentially occupied with the assembling and offers of pharmaceutical items. The Company sells its items under the brand of CSPS. The Company has four business sections: Finished Drugs, Antibiotics (intermediates and mass medications), Vitamin C (mass medications) and Caffeine and Others (mass medications).

Every one of these portions are occupied with the assembling and offers of related pharmaceutical items. The completed medications incorporate the anti-infection agents, cardio-cerebrovascular medications, diabetes drugs, nervous system science drugs, oncology drugs and conventional Chinese prescriptions. The Company is additionally occupied with the arrangement of pharmaceutical innovative work administrations, just as the preparing of sewage and pharmaceutical results through its auxiliaries.

Annual Income and Revenue

Offers of around RMB11,178 million, speaking to a 27.6% development year-on-year; Profit owing to investors of roughly RMB1,878 million, speaking to a 24.8% development year-on-year.

CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited, a main pharmaceutical organization in China, is satisfied to declare its yearly outcomes for the year finished 31 December 2018. For the Year, the Group recorded a turnover of roughly HK$21,029 million, speaking to an expansion of 36.0% year-on-year. Benefit inferable from investors was roughly HK$3,655 million, up 31.9% year-on-year. Essential profit per share were HK58.55 pennies.

Company Research

The Group has solid R&D capacities and a rich item pipeline. The Central Drug Research Institute, situated at CSPC’s home office, is shaped by a solid expert group of abroad returnees and staff with PhDs and Master’s degrees. As of now, the Group has more than 300 tasks in the pipeline including Class 1 new medications, Class 3 news drugs and new arrangements, with center around five significant helpful zones of cardio-cerebrovascular, metabolic illnesses, (for example, diabetes), oncology, psychiatry and nervous system science, just as hostile to disease.

As to abroad enlistments, “levamlodipine maleate tablets” has submitted NDA to the U.S. FDA, and a few medications have been allowed the vagrant medication assignments in U.S.. The Group will keep on directing clinical preliminaries of little atom new medications and effectively get ready ANDA in U.S. so as to extend abroad market.

CSPC actualizes the advancement driven methodology by consistently putting resources into innovative work and adapting inward improvement to outside participation to upgrade the drive for development. This guarantees the presentation of the Group will proceed to develop and more prominent commitments could be made to the investors and the network.


CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Limited (“CSPC”) (Stock code: 1093.HK) is a main pharmaceutical gathering in China. The Company has been recorded on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange since 1994 and turned into a constituent supply of the Hang Sang Index in 2018 (the first pharmaceutical stock to be incorporated for a long time). CSPC is at present likewise a constituent load of the “Hang Seng Composite Index”, “Hang Seng Healthcare Index”, “Hang Seng Mainland Healthcare Index”, “Hang Seng Stock Connect Hong Kong Index” and “Hang Seng China (Hong Kong-recorded) 100 Index” and “Hang Seng China Enterprises Index”.

CSPC has three significant business sections including creative medications, normal nonexclusive medications and mass medications. The Group centers around the creating, assembling and showcasing of drugs and pharmaceutical-related items.

The Group has almost 1,000 completed medication items including anti-infection agents, cardio-cerebrovascular medications, antipyretic pain relieving drugs, stomach related framework drugs, oncology drugs and customary Chinese prescription. Of which, “NBP”, “Duomeisu”, “Jinyouli”, “Keaili”, “Xuanning” and “Oulaining” are the top of the line creative medication results of the Group in China. Mass medication items incorporate nutrient C, anti-microbials and caffeine arrangement.


As indicated by the World Brand Lab (one of the main free consultancy of brand valuation on the planet), the “CSPC” brand was positioned among the “Best 500 Most Valuable Brands in China” for in excess of ten back to back a very long time since 2004.

Concerning corporate social duty exercises, CSPC has played a significant job in supporting social welfare philanthropies. For instance, CSPC has taken an interest in philanthropy crusades in regards to SARS, the Indonesian torrent, the Sichuan tremor, the Yushu seismic tremor, youngsters with basic sickness, among other volunteer administrations. CSPC is completely dedicated to nonstop commitments to the general public with a down to business frame of mind and strong activities.

4. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical

Annual Revenue : $154 Million

Headquarter : Shanghai, China

Number of Employees : 28,848

Market Capital Value : $ 86.34 Billion

President :  Wu Yifang

Status : Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1994

Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., known as Fosun Pharmaceutical or just Fosun Pharma is a Chinese recorded pharmaceutical organization. It is greater part claimed by Fosun International. Fosun Pharmaceutical is the co-proprietor of Sinopharm Industrial Investment, the parent organization of individual recorded organization Sinopharm Group.

Fosun Pharmaceutical is a recorded organization which began An offer first sale of stock in 1998 and H share in 2012.The English name of the organization was at first known as Shanghai Fortune Industrial Joint-Stock Co., Ltd. Chinese medication firm Fosun Pharma has procured around 74 percent in Hyderabad-based Gland Pharma at a valuation of not more than USD 1.09 billion. The Company produces hereditary medications, Chinese conventional meds, analytic items, reagents, and different items. Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical (Group) likewise gives therapeutic gear.

The Company’s items are basically applied in the treatment of digestion and stomach related tract framework, cardiovascular framework, focal sensory system, blood framework, hostile to tumor and against contamination maladies. The Company is likewise occupied with therapeutic hardware and medicinal analysis business, just as the arrangement of restorative administrations. It disperses its items basically in household and abroad markets.

Annual Income and Revenue

Chinese medication firm Fosun Pharma has procured around 74 percent in Hyderabad-based Gland Pharma at a valuation of not more than USD 1.09 billion.

During the principal half of 2019, the Group detailed its best ever half year with another record high for income of RMB68.48 billion, speaking to a year-on-year increment of 57%1 , with a multi year intensified yearly development pace of 16% from 2013 to 2018.

Benefit inferable from proprietors of the parent was RMB7.61 billion, speaking to a 11% year-on-year development for the equivalent announcing period, with a 19% exacerbated yearly development rate for as long as 5 years from 2013 to 2018. Mechanical Operating Profit2 was RMB6.12 billion, speaking to a 52% year-on-year development for a similar detailing period.

Company Research

Fosun Pharma respects advancement, innovative work as the center driving component of improvement and has created worldwide R&D group in China, the United States., India and so forth., and set up inventive substance drugs stage, biologics stage, high-esteem nonexclusive medications stage and cell-treatment stage. Right now, Fosun Pharma keeps on concentrating on remedial zones including oncology, cardiovascular framework, focal sensory system, blood framework, digestion and nutritious framework and against contamination. Every significant item possess the main position and kept up quick development in each market section.

In human services administration portion, Fosun Pharma Group has deliberately format top of the line medicinal in created seaside urban areas, specific and general emergency clinic in second and third-level urban areas. In 2018, the joined number of approved beds constrained by Fosun Pharma including Chancheng Hospital, Hengsheng Hospital, Zhongwu Hospital, Wenzhou Geriatrics Hospital, Guangji Hospital, Jimin Cancer Hospital, Zhuhai Chancheng and Wuhan Jihe Hospital, and so forth was 4,118 in total. Joined family medical clinic, the associated emergency clinic of Fosun Pharma Group, keeps on keeping up its driving situation in premium medicinal services in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and other metropolitan in China.


Innovative work costs face a roof over treatment costs, a relevant worry in China, where the administration is restless to keep human services reasonable, with regards to its communist guideline of administration.

Fosun Pharma’s business covers every single key section of social insurance industry chain, with pharmaceutical assembling and R&D as the center, and human services benefits as the advancement center. In 2018, the income expanded by 34.45% when contrasted with the time of 2017 to RMB 24.92 billion. Among them, the pharmaceutical assembling and R&D section accomplished solid development, and the working income developed 41.57% year-over-year to RMB 18.68 billion.

The social insurance administration portion understood an absolute working income of RMB 2.56 billion, an expansion of 22.72% contrasted and 2017. The medicinal gadgets and restorative finding section accomplished working income of RMB 3.64 billion, an expansion of 13.22% contrasted with 2017.

As indicated by the yearly report, the advancement of Fosun Pharma saw a development in deals and a decent money return. The incomes from working exercises of the Group kept on rising, and the net income from working exercises in 2018 was RMB 2.95 billion, speaking to an expansion of 14.34% more than 2017.

Fosun Pharma respects advancement, innovative work as the center driving element of improvement. The Group kept on advancing its pharmaceutical R&D framework that coordinated nonexclusive and creative medications, improved its development framework, upgraded R&D abilities. In 2018,Fosun Pharma further expanded its R&D interest in monoclonal counter acting agent items, biosimilars and little atomic inventive medications. Moreover, Fosun Pharma effectively advanced the consistency assessment of nonexclusive medications.


So as to use its aggressive qualities, Fosun Pharma kept on concentrating on restorative territories including oncology, cardiovascular framework, focal sensory system, blood framework, digestion and nutritious framework and hostile to contamination. Every significant item involved the main position and kept up quick development in each market fragment.

In 2018, significant items include: febuxostat tablets (You Li Tong), pitavastatin calcium tablets (Bang Zhi), quetiapine fumarate tablets (Qi Wei), hostile to tuberculosis arrangement, vancomycin, enoxaparin sodium infusion, alfacalcidol tablets(Li Qing), piperacillin sodium and sulbactam sodium for infusion (Qiang Shu Xi Lin) In oversea market, artemisinin-based antimalarial items are profoundly perceived in the African market, and Artesunate for infusion (Artesun) is recorded as the primary reference medicate for the treatment of extreme jungle fever.

5. Sinopharm Group Company

Annual Revenue :$59,980.20 Million

Headquarter : China (New Delhi, in India)

Number of Employees : 128,000

Total Funding : $ 60 Billion

C.E.O. :  Stephen Tse

Status : Chinese pharmaceutical company

Founded : 2012 (in India) (2003 in China)

Sinopharm Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese pharmaceutical organization. The parent organization of Sinopharm Group was Sinopharm Industrial Investment, a 51–49 joint endeavor of state-possessed undertaking China National Pharmaceutical Group and regular citizen run venture Fosun Pharmaceutical.

Jan 11, 2013, the opening service of Sinopharm India Pvt., Ltd. was held in New Delhi, India. Mr. Chen Zhu, Minister of Health, China, related pioneers of Chinese Embassy in India, agents from worldwide associations in India, pioneers of Sinopharm, and delegates of clients and the auxiliaries of Sinopharm went to the service.

Sinopharm India Pvt. Ltd. was built up toward the finish of 2012 and enrolled in New Delhi. During the previous barely any years, the matter of Sinopharm in India has developed consistently. Sinopharm International and Sinopharm Weiqida, as renowned exporter and maker of APIs, intermediates and medicinal types of gear in China, have created expansive participation in relative zones with their Indian accomplices.

Sinopharm CNBG, as significant EPI immunization provider in China, has given antibodies, for instance, JE antibody, varicella antibody and DTaP combo antibody, and blood items, as intravenous gamma globulin, to India for a long time. It merits referencing that Sinopharm CNBG has made positive commitments to ailment anticipation and controlling and general medicinal services in India, by providing gathered in excess of 100 million dosages of JE antibodies for EPI India, its adequacy and security have been broadly perceived.

With the foundation of Sinopharm India Pvt. Ltd., Sinopharm will completely coordinate its business in India, structure a working group, improve attention, besides, not just buy pharmaceutical arrangements and APIs from India, yet in addition send out a progression of items, including pharmaceutical APIs, intermediates, arrangements, antibodies and medicinal types of gear, into Indian market. Through improving help and animating providing and alongside its customers, Sinopharm will make commitments to the well creatures of the Indian People.

Riding on the administration’s approach to dispose of little players and lessen the layers of merchants between medicate producers and restorative organizations, Sinopharm can remain the biggest medication wholesaler in China and extend its piece of the overall industry from 15% in 2018 to 16% in 2020. Its national coordinations system and scope of items, which is the greatest in China, can assist it with winning new clients and lift its EPS development to 15% CAGR in 2019F-21F.

Annual Income and Revenue

Sinopharm Group Announces 2019 Interim Results Continuous Improvement in Market Share Maintaining Steady Business Growth.

* Revenue added up to RMB201,665.14 million, speaking to an expansion of 23.36% as contrasted and the comparing time of a year ago;

* Net benefit added up to RMB 4,968.22 million, speaking to an expansion of 13.08% as contrasted and the relating time of a year ago;

* Profit owing to proprietors of the parent added up to RMB 2,975.18 million, speaking to an expansion of 6.33% as contrasted and the comparing time of a year ago;

* Basic profit per portion of the Company added up to RMB 1.00, speaking to an expansion of 6.38% as contrasted and the relating time of a year ago.

Company Research

Sinopharm Group Company Limited is chiefly occupied with the appropriation of pharmaceutical items and restorative hardware. The Company works through three business sections. The Pharmaceutical Distribution portion is occupied with the dispersion of prescriptions, medication gadgets and pharmaceutical items to emergency clinics, different merchants, retail sedate stores and centers.

The Retail Pharmacy section is occupied with the activity of medication chain stores. The Other Business section is occupied with the circulation of lab supplies, the assembling and appropriation of concoction reagents, just as the creation and offers of pharmaceutical items. The Company is additionally occupied with the arrangement of pharmaceutical coordinations administrations and property rental business in China through its auxiliaries.


In the pharmaceutical circulation portion, the Group held onto the notable chance of restorative protection change, kept on enhancing business and client structure, made acclimation to item structures, continually improved the main national dissemination organize.

Utilizing on a coordinated pharmaceutical production network and a propelled inventory network the board model, the Group proceeded with its undertakings to advance incorporated activity, plan for coordinations organize assets, accelerate foundation and streamlining of the coordinations framework and improved effectiveness of the inside store network.

During the Reporting Period, the pharmaceutical conveyance business of the Group accomplished an income of RMB 164,700.64 million, speaking to an expansion of 22.22% on a year-on-year premise. The Group kept on streamlining its business format, select reasonable focuses for mix, complete acquisitions in regions with moderately feeble business arrange, and reinforce power over center zones.


The Group proactively took advantage of brilliant lucky breaks emerging in fast improvement of the3 medicinal gadget industry, and enthusiastically built up the restorative gadget dispersion business. In the main portion of 2019, the therapeutic gadget business of the Group accomplished fast development, with deals income came to RMB 29,024.79 million, speaking to an expansion of 35.96% over the relating time of a year ago, henceforth carrying critical commitment to both income and benefit of the Group.

Meanwhile, the Group strengthened the extension of new items and the improvement of new organizations, including the gadget IVD business, the SPD venture and other medicinal advancement administrations, speeded up flat development of business portions, amplified its territorial inclusion, further supporting the Group’s driving situation in the restorative gadget industry in the PRC.

6. GuangZhou BaiYunshan Pharmaceutical Stock Co. Ltd.

Annual Revenue :$4.19 Billion

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 500-999

Total Funding : $ 53.64 Billion

Chairman :  Chuyuan Li

Status : Chinese pharmaceutical company

Founded : 1997

GuangZhou BaiYunShan Pharmaceutical Stock Co., Ltd. creates, makes, and markets a wide scope of pharmaceutical items. The Company’s items incorporate Chinese conventional medications, western drugs, substance crude material prescriptions, meds for outer use, human services meds, and other related items.

In 1993 , Guangzhou Nanxin Pharmaceutical was built up. It was together contributed by India RANBAXY and Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Group Qiaoguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. what’s more, Hong Kong Enterprise Co., Ltd., and turned into the first Sino-Indian joint endeavor in China. In 1997 , Guangzhou Nanxin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. gotten the Chinese pharmaceutical GMP affirmation. It is the main group of endeavors that have passed the national GMP accreditation, with a yearly yield of 5 million jugs of imbuement , 75 million tablets and containers, and 2 million jugs of kids’ dry suspension. Also, 5 million powder needles .

In 2005 , RANBAXY India put resources into the “Innovation Development Laboratory” ( TDL ) at the Guangzhou Nanxin Plant to quicken the dispatching of new items. Ranbaxy has just recorded 53 enrollments in drugs, including 10 sort of “national basic medications”, two separate item estimating, just as RANBAXY protected items, “noticed the complex Huan OD ” ( CifranfranOD ).

In 2009 , Hunan Nonferrous Metals Platinum Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd., an auxiliary of China Minmetals, obtained Guangzhou Nanxin, which brought new open doors for Nanxin advancement. With close participation with the National Academy of Military Medical Sciences, there will before long be a gathering of unique research and first impersonation. The medication is available.

Annual Income and Revenue

For the nine months finished 30 September 2019, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Phrmcl Hldgs Co Ltd incomes expanded 68% to RMB50.06B. Overall gain diminished 8% to RMB3.16B. Incomes mirror an expansion popular for the Company’s items and administrations because of great economic situations. Overall gain was counterbalanced by Selling Expenses increment of 41% to RMB5.14B (cost), General and Administrative Expenses increment of 23% to RMB1.45B (cost).

Company Research

Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Holdings Company Limited is occupied with the pharmaceutical and social insurance industry. The Company’s sections are Great Southern TCM, Great Commerce, Great Health and Great Medical Care. The Company’s Great South TCM incorporates examine, advancement, assembling and deals for Chinese and western prescription, substance crude medication, common medication, natural drug and intermediates of concoction crude medication.

The Company’s Great Health fragment incorporates explore, improvement, assembling and deals for the results of Great Health. The Company’s Great Commerce fragment incorporates discount, retail, import and fare for western drug, Chinese prescription and medicinal mechanical assembly and instruments. The Company has an anti-microbial generation chain extending from crude material drug to arrangement, with items covering ordinarily utilized anti-infection agents. It is occupied with the innovative work (R&D), and assembling of drink and nourishment, among others.


Since its foundation, the Company has been focused on the medicinal services industry. After long stretches of advancement, the Company has ceaselessly to develop in both of its scale and productivity. At present, the Group is chiefly occupied with research, advancement, producing and offers of Chinese patent prescription, western drug, synthetic crude materials, regular medication, natural prescription and synthetic crude materials intermediates  discount, retail and import furthermore, trade business of Western prescription, Chinese drug and therapeutic hardware the innovative work, creation and offers of extraordinary wellbeing item and  the wellbeing industry interest in medicinal consideration, wellbeing the board, wellbeing upkeep and older consideration and so on.


There are 25 pharmaceutical assembling organizations and associations under the Organization (counting 3 branches, 19 backups and 3 joint endeavors). The abovementioned undertakings or organizations occupied with the R&D and assembling of Chinese patent medication and western prescription, concoction crude materials, intermediates synthetic crude materials, biomedicine and characteristic prescription, and so on..

1) The Group is an embodiment of the southern TCM. The Company has more than 10 China respected brand endeavors, for example, Zhong Yi, Chen Li Ji, Qi Xing, Jing Xiu Tang, Pan Gao Shou, and so forth.

The Company have 3 ensured Chinese customary prescription of national evaluation and the principle items incorporate Xiao Ke Pill, Hua Tuo Zai Zao Pill, compound Salvia Milltiorrhiz cut, Ban Lan Gen Granule, Qing Kai Ling arrangement, A Gong Niu Huang Pill, Zi Shen Yu Tai Pill, Shu Jin Jian Yao Pill, Xiao Chai Hu Granule, Xia Sang Ju Granule, Zhui Feng Tou Gu Pill and so forth. The Group flaunts clear brand and assortment favorable circumstances in restrictive Chinese prescriptions in southern China what’s more, even countrywide.

2) The Group has a total anti-microbial generation chain extending from crude material medication to readiness, with items covering normally utilized anti-microbial assortments what’s more, male drug. The Group coordinated the anti-microbial brands with the celebrated trademark “Kang Zhi Ba”, endeavoring to make a market picture with the main brand of oral antibacterial mitigating. The Group’s concoction medication incorporates Cefathiamidine, Cefixime, Amoxicillin and Sildenafil Citrate Tablets (“JinGe”), and so forth.

7. Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd

Annual Revenue :150 Billion Yuan

Headquarter : Shanghai, China

Number of Employees : 47,590

Total Funding : $ 45.81 Billion

C.E.O. :  Laura Benjamin

Status : Chinese pharmaceutical company

Founded : 1994

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. is a China-based organization primarily occupied with the production and offers of pharmaceuticals. The Company’s organizations incorporate the examination and enrollment, generation, deals, appropriation and retailing of pharmaceutical items, among others.

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. Ltd. is occupied with the innovative work, assembling, circulation and retailing of pharmaceutical items. It works through the accompanying portions: Pharmaceutical, Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions, Pharmaceutical Retail and Other Operations. The Pharmaceutical portion takes part in the innovative work, assembling and clearance of an expansive scope of pharmaceutical and human services items, including drugs for cardiovascular framework, nutritious tract and digestion, and focal sensory system.

The Distribution and Supply Chain Solutions section participates in the dissemination, warehousing, coordinations, and other worth included pharmaceutical store network arrangements and related administrations to pharmaceutical makers and allocators, for example, emergency clinics, merchants and retail drug stores. The Pharmaceutical Retail portion takes part in the activity of a system of retail drug store stores. The organization was established on January 18, 1994 and is headquartered in Shanghai, China.

China’s a huge number of local organizations represent 70% of the market, the main 10 organizations about 20%, as indicated by Business China. Conversely, the best 10 organizations in most created nations control about a large portion of the market.

Since June 30, 2004, the State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) has been shutting down producers that don’t satisfy the new GMP guidelines. Remote players represent 10% to 20% of generally deals, contingent upon the sorts of prescriptions and adventures remembered for the tally. In any case, deals at the top-level Chinese organizations are becoming quicker than at Western ones.

According to the business extension, the organization has maintaining its business rapidly in India as well.

Annual Income and Revenue

In 2018, Shanghai Pharmaceuticals’ yearly income added up to roughly 150 billion yuan, around 20 billion yuan more than the earlier year. Show point by point source data? Effectively a part? Note: 1 yuan rises to around 0.14 U.S. dollars and 0.13 euros (as of October 2019).

Company Research

Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co., Ltd. is a China-based organization mainly occupied with the production and offers of pharmaceuticals. The Company’s organizations incorporate the exploration and enrollment, creation, deals, appropriation and retailing of pharmaceutical items, among others. Its items are applied in cardiovascular framework, hostile to malignancy and immunoregulation, against contamination and digestion, just as different fields. The Company works organizations in local and abroad markets.


Holding fast to advancement, Shanghai Pharma’s Research and improvement is devoted to giving protected and successful medications against the grave and constant maladies. The aggregate sum of R&D speculation of the Company was representing 5.40% of assembling sales.The Company has developed the R&D frameworks with the Central Research Institute going about as the specialized center. The Company possesses 1 State-level corporate innovation focus and 10 common/city-level corporate innovation focuses. Shanghai Pharma has gathered 319 development licenses in total.

Two agreeable ventures won “the First-class National Scientific and Technological Progress Award of 2014 and 2015“. The Company receives an open method of R&D, under which the Company has developed the vital coalition of inventive medication R&D as a team with Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica,China Pharmaceutical University ,Shenyang Pharmaceutical University,Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation, the Second Military Medical University,Shanghai Fudan Zhangjiang Biopharm and so forth. Numerous imaginative items are in the enrollment or clinical preliminary stages.

Shanghai Pharma’s assembling business gives items running from synthetic and bio-pharms, current Chinese prescription, human services items and restorative gadgets and so forth., Shanghai Pharmaceuticals is centered around five helpful zones of stomach related and metabolic frameworks, cerebral and cardio vascular maladies, antiinfection,neuro-psycho ailments and oncology. It has fabricating bases in 8 territories, including an authority API base, an advanced TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) base, a fine concoction reagent plant and a social insurance items generation base.The items are made in more than 20 measurements structures, 26 items have deals income over RMB 100 million.

The Company runs various brands, for example, SINE, Leishi, Dragon and Tiger, Cangsong, Guofeng and Shengxiang, which are all the famous Chinese trademarks, and is approved to utilize the notable trademarks of Qingchunbao and Huqingyutang. Generation lines are altogether passed the new GMP certification,The organization has received the lean administration framework, streamlined creation and directed test cases programs on incorporating informatization and industrialization..The organization has various APIs and arrangements passed the quality verification forced by WHO, FDA, EU and other created nations.


Shanghai Pharma’s conveyance systems center around the Eastern China, Northern China and Southern piece of China, which are the most created regions in China, and transmits out to different regions in the nation. The Company’s circulation business positions the best 3 situation in size. The Company built up a nearby participation association with residential and outside significant medication makers through inventory network arrangements, for example, present day coordinations delivery,information backing and terminal retail distribution.

It covers in excess of 25,000 social insurance organizations. The Company has an across the country business organize and an effective, dexterous, brilliant and present day production network administration channel.The Company holds a main situation in new business improvement in China in regard of immunizations, top of the line consumables, DTP and SPD.

8. Huadong Medicine Co. Ltd.

Annual Revenue :$ 30,663.37Million

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 7,100

Market Capital Value : $ 43.0 5Billion

C.E.O. :  Bang Liang Li

Status : Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1993

Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd., is a Hangzhou-put together pharmaceutical organization enrolled with respect to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since January 27, 2000. It has a recorded offer capital of 380,000,000 renminbi and a market capitalization of 126,323,040 renminbi starting at July 2005. Huadong Medicine Co Ltd represents considerable authority in the creation and offers of anti-toxins, Chinese medication, manufactured medications and hereditary building drugs, just as a discount business providing Chinese natural prescriptions, therapeutic mechanical assemblies and instruments.

The organization is a significant recorded pharmaceutical organization in Hangzhou, with organizations in pharmaceutical R&D, producing, dispersion, retail and coordinations, and embraces the undertaking of unique medication stockpiling for the nation.

Huadong is likewise the biggest pharmaceutical business venture in Zhejiang territory, whose business covers a wide scope of enterprises, including pharmaceutical business activity, retail, production network the executives and huge wellbeing. The organization has a total business instrument and a careful terminal market arrange. It is viewed as a profoundly computerized restorative coordinations focus in Zhejiang territory. Its significant backup, Hangzhou Sino-US Huadong Pharmaceutical Co Ltd, is one of the main 50 pharmaceutical undertakings in China

Focusing on the improvement of its medicinal business, the organization has consistently clung to the basic beliefs of “philanthropy, honesty, tirelessness and practicality” and made huge commitments to the reason for general wellbeing.

Throughout the years, the organization has been profoundly perceived by China’s predominant press and market for its sound administration and incredible business execution. It has been granted numerous privileged titles, remembering one of the Top 100 for China’s principle board-recorded organizations, China’s recorded organizations financial specialist relations determination Tianma grant and Top 20 most focused recorded pharmaceutical organizations in 2017. In that year it additionally was chosen as one of the Top 50 recorded organizations by Forbes Asia.

Annual Income and Revenue

For the nine months finished 30 September 2019, Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. incomes expanded 19% to RMB27.63B. Net gain expanded 22% to RMB2.21B. Incomes mirror an expansion popular for the Company’s items and administrations because of ideal economic situations. Overall gain profited by G/L on Sale of Tangible and Intangible FA increment from RMB70K to RMB114.3M (pay), Interest Income increment from RMB9.2M to RMB83.2M (salary).

Company Research

The organization’s principle business is pharmaceutical industry creation, showcasing and medicinal business activity. The center organization of pharmaceutical industry, Hangzhou Sino American Huadong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the main 50 in China’s pharmaceutical industry.

Since 2008, the organization was recognized as the main national cutting edge endeavor, and in 2012, the key undertaking research foundation was set up to set up 1 academicians’ workstations of Chinese Academy of Sciences and 1 National Post Doctorate streams.

Huadong Medicine Co.,Ltd has some expertise in the generation and offers of anti-infection, Chinese patent medication, manufactured medication, hereditary building drugs, just as discount business of Chinese and western prescription, Chinese home grown meds, restorative contraption and instruments. The organization is a huge far reaching recorded pharmaceutical organization coordinated with pharmaceutical R&D, pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical dispersion, retail, pharmaceutical coordinations, and attempts the assignment of exceptional medication stockpiling of the state, commonplace and metropolitan governments.


The organization effectively gave 50 million A-shares on the Shenzhen stock trade in December 1999. ( Stock shortening: Huadong Medicine; stock code: 000963). At present, the enrolled capital of the organization is 14.58 million yuan. The organization and its primary auxiliaries have in excess of 8,000 representatives. In 2017, the organization acknowledged working income of 27.832 billion yuan. Net benefit inferable from investors of recorded organizations was 1.480 billion yuan.

For the part of pharmaceutical business, the organization is the biggest and most grounded extensive enormous pharmaceutical business endeavor in Zhejiang region, whose business covers a wide scope of ventures including pharmaceutical business activity, retail, store network the executives and huge wellbeing industry. The organization has a total Zhejiang region business arrange and a profound entrance of the grass-roots terminal market organize, and has an exceptionally mechanized medicinal coordinations focus in Zhejiang and eastern China.

The organization’s pharmaceutical business has been among the best ten pharmaceutical business ventures in China for a long time. Pharmaceutical business deals scale and piece of the pie in Zhejiang territory rank first.


Huadong Medicine Co., Ltd. takes part in the fabricate and exchange of pharmaceuticals. It includes in the assembling and dispersion of Chinese and Western crude meds, therapeutic materials, tablets, concoction crude material drugs, substance medication arrangements, anti-toxin arrangements, and organic items. Its items incorporate Chinese Patent Medicines, Immune Preparations, Diabetes Drugs, Digestive System Drugs, Blood Drugs, Orthopedic and Traumatology Drugs, Bulk Drugs, and Hepatitis B Vaccine. The organization was established in 1952 and is headquartered in Hangzhou, China.

9. Shandong Buchang Pharmaceutical

Annual Revenue :  $3.78 Billion                                                              

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 8004

Market Capital Value : $ 31.20 Billion

C.E.O.:  Zhao Tao

Status : Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1993

Shandong Buchang Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. produces pharmaceuticals. The Company investigates, creates, delivers, and sells home grown medications, bio-pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical arrangements, and wellbeing drugs. Buchang Pharmaceutical markets all through China.

Buchang Pharmaceuticals is resolved to lead social insurance suppliers through nonstop logical innovations, developments and arrangements as one of China’s driving pharmaceutical brand, contributing to the lives of the individuals through our inventive human services arrangements and drugs.

The Company’s fundamental items are compound customary Chinese meds, including cerecarton capsules,wenxin granules, just as danhong infusions, among others. Its items are for the most part applied to the fields of cardio-cerebrovascular illnesses and gynecological maladies. The Company conveys its items inside residential market and to abroad markets, with North China, East China and Central China as its significant markets.

Annual Income and Revenue

For the nine months finished 30 September 2019, Shandong Buchang Pharmaceuticals Co Ltd incomes expanded 10% to RMB10.24B. Total compensation expanded 11% to RMB1.35B. Incomes mirror an expansion sought after for the Company’s items and administrations because of good economic situations. Overall gain profited by General and Administrative Expenses abatement of 21% to RMB542.1M.

Company Research

SHANDONG BUCHANG PHARMACEUTICALS CO., LTD. is a China-based organization chiefly occupied with the exploration, improvement, assembling and circulation of Chinese patent medications. The Company’s primary items are compound customary Chinese drugs, including cerecarton capsules,wenxin granules, just as danhong infusions, among others. Its items are principally applied to the fields of cardio-cerebrovascular sicknesses and gynecological ailments.

The Company disperses its items inside residential market and to abroad markets, with North China, East China and Central China as its significant markets.

Zhao Tao, administrator of Shandong Buchang Pharmaceuticals (Buchang Pharma), was accounted for to have paid $6.5 million to an affirmations expert to get his little girl into Stanford University, California. He said on Friday in an official proclamation that his girl’s examinations in the US are an individual issue and she didn’t get any assets from the organization. As a recorded organization, Buchang’s tasks are autonomous and won’t be affected by close to home issues, Zhao said.

Buchang Pharma, a provider of conventional Chinese medication situated in Heze, East China’s Shandong Province, recorded 13.67 billion yuan ($2.03 billion) in working income in 2018, in sharp complexity to its 8 billion yuan in deals costs. The organization spent just 480 million yuan on innovative work. The numbers were contained in its fiscal summary discharged in April.

After making his first fortune in Singapore, Zhao manufactured a pharmaceutical realm in China that is for the most part occupied with the innovative work, creation and clearance of Chinese patent medications.

Its primary items incorporate cardiovascular, cerebrovascular and gynecological Chinese patent drugs. Income from cerebrovascular medication arrived at almost 11 billion yuan in 2018, representing in excess of 80 percent of all out income, with gross overall revenue of 85.16 percent, as indicated by its budget summary.


The Company was regarded the titles of “Genuine Taxpaying Enterprise”, “Guaranteed Pharmaceutical Enterprise among People”, “China’s Top10 Best Pharmaceutical Enterprises”, and so on. Danhong infusion was granted “Gold Medal for China’s first TCM Patent”; “Buchang Naoxintong” was respected the title of “Top 10 Best TCM Product Brands”.

In 2013, Buchang got the respect as “2013 China Five-star Corporate Citizen”. In 2014, Buchang Pharmaceuticals won the “2014 Special Contribution Prize for the Chinese Philanthropy”. In 2015, Buchang Pharmaceuticals was respected the title of “Best Industrial Enterprise in Chinese Pharmaceutical R&D Production Lines of 2015”.


Buchang attempts the social obligation courageously, and has been granted the “Willing Ox Award for Social Responsibility of China’s Pharmaceutical &Health Industry” for continuous two years. Educator Zhao Buchang and his child Zhao Tao were granted the “Altruists with Chinese Characteristics”. The Company has topped among the nearby corporate citizens for sequential years, and been quick to the open welfare foundations.

From the origin of “Forming the Chinese Heart” action in 2008 till present, almost 10,000 medicinal specialists were sorted out to go to Sichuan, Ningxia, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Qinghai, Yunnan, and different places, diagnosing and treating in excess of 300,000 individuals for nothing out of pocket. In excess of 600 youngsters with inborn coronary illness recovered wellbeing after medical procedure.

Buchang Pharmaceuticals will commit itself to the “Modernization of TCM and Internationalization of Market”, and do most extreme to form into the main brand of TCM and make its due commitments to the soundness of the Chinese individuals ceaselessly

10. Tasly Pharmaceutical

Annual Revenue : 14.09 Billion                                                               

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 9,274

Market Capital Value : $ 22.37 Billion

C.E.O.:  Henry Sun

Status : Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1994

Tasly is a Chinese pharmaceutical organization situated in the city of Tianjin. It was set up in 1994 and is outstandingly delivering customary Chinese prescriptions. It has a turnover of 4 billion US dollars, 10,000 workers and is recorded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange.Tasly Pharmaceutical International, the entertainer of Tasly’s ( Tasly Holding Group ) global advertising technique which is running autonomously, after over ten years endeavors, has opened abroad branches and agent workplaces in 21 countries or districts and 4 chain TCM centers in 4 nations, which comprise a promoting system covering 40-odd nations and a huge number of wholesalers of various nationalities.

Tasly, by consolidating the huge accomplishments in present day drug with the basics of the 5,000-year-old Chinese medicinal services culture, has built up a lot of particular wellbeing upkeep ideas, which establish its Theory of Balance Restoration, or the “Associate, Regulate and Replenish” set of three. Each word in it speaks to an extensive synopsis and deliberation of the issues looked with human wellbeing and their answers from a particular point of view.

Annual Income and Revenue

For the nine months finished 30 September 2019, Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd incomes expanded 8% to RMB14.09B. Total compensation diminished 17% to RMB1.13B. Incomes mirror an expansion popular for the Company’s items and administrations because of ideal economic situations. Net gain was counterbalanced by Interest Expense increment from RMB131.7M to RMB375.1M (cost), Research and Development Expense, Admin Ex increment from RMB148.2M to RMB381.6M (cost).

The working salary of the Company in January to September in 2018 expanded by 16.69% over a similar time of the earlier year, among which the pay of pharmaceutical industry expanded by 13.55% and that of pharmaceutical business expanded by 19.05%.

Company Research

Tasly has made an internationalized stage for a huge biomedical innovative work framework. This framework depends on refining parts of Traditional Chinese Medicine and present day innovation to deliver sheltered, regular items that are demonstrated to be as powerful as substance fixes.

Some Tasly’s researches are:

* T89 Drug Studies

* Nafliva in Pre-Clinical Stage         

* Aedical Affairs

* Innovative Chinise Medicine


Dantonic is right now endorsed in 24 nations (not in the USA yet) for the treatment and aversion of interminable stable angina pectoris and other cardiovascular illness related conditions. In excess of 2 billion dosages have been endorsed around the world. It is coded as T89 in the US improvement. T89 has been considered in all around controlled US and worldwide clinical preliminary.

Nafliva is the blend of a few characteristic fixings in the restrictive proportion: Silymarin extricates from Milk Thistle and Pu-erh tea separate (the microscopic organisms sythesis and process applied to Pu-erh tea maturation is particularly structured after broad research.

Medical undertakings is a significant piece of the organization’s logical group at Tasly. It works nearby the showcasing and interchanges group to give logical help to both inward useful units and outside clients.

As the main organization in the business, Tasly embraces new innovation to advance conventional Chinese prescription, builds up the ability for natural medication advancement, has made some of the pharmaceutical system leaps forward, and has framed a normal improvement component.


Tasly likewise quickens industrialization of developing world-class seeds of homegrown plants, extends institutionalized agrarian territory, creates proficient procedures for extraction, partition and planning.

Home grown drug is the fortune of customary culture, and has made extraordinary verifiable commitments to the success of the Eastern world just as to the social insurance of its kin.

Today, with the imaginative home grown drugs and the inventive soul, Tasly progressively takes the street prompting industrialization and internationalization of this fortune, and the objective is to impart the advantages of home grown medication to the world.

11. China Meheco

Annual Revenue :$31006.04 Million

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 200

Market Capital Value : $ 15.965 Billion

C.E.O. :  Laura Benjamin

Status : pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing Company

Founded : 1984

China Meheco is a household driving wholesaler of pharmaceutical and medicinal services items in China, and it has solid terminal system inclusion. Pharmaceutical business has been keeping up a quick improvement throughout the years, and it is a significant advancement power in China.

Through the incorporation of universal and household arrange assets, China Meheco, exploiting “getting and going out” and R&D creation stage, has continuously settled a pharmaceutical business framework with solid terminal system inclusion and modern worth chain coordination collaborations taking top of the line and trademark assortments as the center. Today, the organization has items incorporating and presenting capacities, dispersion arrange the executives abilities, control capacities for terminal channel and scholarly advancement capacities for very good quality items.

The organization has set up the pharmaceutical business deals arrange frameworks in North China, Northeast China, South China, Central China, East China, and Northwest China situated in Beijing, Guangdong, Henan, Hebei, Jiangxi and Xinjiang, which has secured most by far of neighborhood terminal restorative foundations, creating solid market perceivability and brand impact. In Central China and East China and different locales, the organization has set up acclaimed brand retail chain drug stores, framing a solid retail chain deals arrange.

Annual Income and Revenue

For the nine months finished 30 September 2019, China Medicine Health Industry Co Ltd incomes expanded 17% to RMB26.03B. Total compensation diminished 23% to RMB968.7M. Incomes mirror an expansion sought after for the Company’s items and administrations because of good economic situations. Net gain was counterbalanced by Selling Expense increment of 6% to RMB2.6B (cost), Non – Operating Income decline of 97% to RMB3.2M (salary).

Company Research

The organization is additionally qualified for new country agreeable restorative framework (NCMS) appropriation, outsider pharmaceutical present day coordinations capability, antibody activity capability, lethal medications and different prescriptions and therapeutic hardware activity capability. The organization’s items spread 15,000 assortments, including western drug arrangements, compound crude materials, Chinese patent medications, Chinese natural pieces, therapeutic gear, restorative supplies, natural items, nourishment and medicinal services items; furthermore, the organization keep up a long haul and stable relations of participation with Bayer, Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Beckmann and numerous other local and remote creation undertakings.


Worldwide exchange is a business section growing up dependent on the exchange administration of the previous China National Medicines and Health Products Import and Export Corporation. The organization is firmly worried about the advancement openings achieved by the “thirteenth Five-year Plan”, “Solid China” procedure, “One Belt and One Road” system and different arrangements, and effectively takes an interest in the transitional change of the pharmaceutical business, and continually advances the change and development of worldwide exchange business.

As a coordinated specialist co-op of items and administrations about “going out” and “acquiring”, China Meheco, by excellence of the expert ability group, the improvement capacities in global market, the capacities in chasing worldwide medicinal assets, coordinated assistance abilities, institutionalized quality control and five star innovation, the executives and administration development, participated with the organization’s local mechanical and business framework, joined and stretched out universal components to the organization’s business arrangement of whole industry chain, and manufactured a household driving and unmistakable global exchange stage.

The items spread normal prescription, pharmaceutical synthetic compounds, medicinal hardware, wellbeing items and different fields, and the advertising system includes the pharmaceutical markets of the major rising and created nations on the planet, turning into the scaffold of assembly and correspondence for worldwide pharmaceutical ventures and markets.


The import and fare exchange of medication and wellbeing items is the organization’s customary business with its very own qualities and favorable circumstances, while driving the global business of pharmaceutical industry results of China Meheco. Business scope covers crude materials, pharmaceutical arrangements, intermediates, natural items, therapeutic hardware, indicative reagents, dressings supplies, and human services items.

Through the enlistment of particular items and profundity advertising on global market, deals and conveyance on the residential market, just as cross-fringe e-initiate, the organization overwhelmingly presents remote extraordinary pharmaceutical items and innovation for medication and wellbeing exchange, imports the outside medication and wellbeing items as an operator and markets them on local market, and fares prescription and wellbeing items and administrations to the universal market, so it has been a coordinated specialist organization offering drug and wellbeing items and far reaching specific arrangements on both worldwide and household markets. The organization has a cutting edge coordinations focus and can give clients top of the line mix administrations for the pharmaceutical wellbeing import and fare exchange store network.

12. Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Annual Revenue : $19,356.23 Million

Headquarter : Shenzhen, China

Number of Employees : 12,596

Market Capital Value : $ 12.83 Billion

CEO:  Xing Tian Ma

Status : Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1997

Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a China-based organization, essentially occupied with the assembling and offers of pharmaceutical items. The Company’s important items are Chinese prescriptions, including American ginseng, notoginseng powder, salvia powder, radix codonopsis pilosulae, maltiflower knotweed, angelica and lonicera blossom, among others.

The Company is likewise occupied with the exchanging of Chinese home grown prescriptions, restorative hardware and human services items related organizations. It likewise participates in the arrangement of land renting and circulation administrations, among others. The Company chiefly directs its organizations inside residential markets.

It offers Chinese meds, including American ginseng, notoginseng powder, salvia powder, radix codonopsis pilosulae, maltiflower knotweed, angelica and lonicera bloom, among others, just as substance drugs, including Clarithromycin Dispersible Tablets, Doxazosin Mesylate Tablets, Propiverine Hydrochloride Tablets and paracetamol and pseudoephedrine hydrochloride tablets, among others. The organization likewise gives property the executives administrations. Kangmei Pharmaceutical was established on June 9, 1997 and is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Annual Income and Revenue

For the nine months finished 30 September 2019, Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co Ltd incomes diminished 43% to RMB10.35B. Overall gain diminished 98% to RMB33.2M. Incomes mirror an abatement sought after for the Company’s items and administrations because of horrible economic situations. Net gain additionally reflects Interest Expense increment of 30% to RMB1.69B (cost), Selling Expense increment of 17% to RMB932.8M (cost).

Company Research

Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd produces prescriptions. The Company makes and sells Chinese prescription powder, Chinese patent drugs, compound medications, and different items. Kangmei Pharmaceutical likewise creates and advertises sound nourishment.

The Company’s foremost items are Chinese meds, including American ginseng, notoginseng powder, salvia powder, radix codonopsis pilosulae, maltiflower knotweed, angelica and lonicera bloom, among others. The Company is additionally occupied with the exchanging of Chinese home grown medications, therapeutic hardware and social insurance items related organizations.


Shanghai-recorded customary Chinese prescription provider Kangmei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. utilized phony bank store slips to blow up its money holds, fashioned records for non-existent business exercises, and moved organization assets to related gatherings to exchange its very own stock.

Kangmei revealed April 30 that it was focused by controllers on doubt of bogus budgetary reports including a 29.9 billion yuan ($4.4 billion) exaggeration of money close by.

Be that as it may, the organization’s author and administrator Ma Xingtian depicted the exaggeration as a “bookkeeping blunder” as consequences of provisos in inside controls and budgetary administration. Subsequent to redressing the records, the organization’s net benefit in 2016 and 2017 would have been diminished significantly.

Kangmei was recently engaged with a few pay off cases including government authorities. As indicated by court archives discharged last June, the organization influenced Cai Ming, previous executive of the medication wellbeing supervision office at the Guangdong Province Food and Drug Administration, to the tune of 300,000 yuan from 2014 to 2015.

In February, the organization was shaken as a matter of course chances on $300 million of bonds. The emergency was facilitated later after the Guangdong commonplace government stepped in.


One of China’s greatest pharma stocks is falling in an incentive by 10% consistently. Kangmei Pharmaceutical stock is falling in an incentive by 10% consistently. The firm has conceded a significant blunder in detailing its 2017 money position. Chinese exchanging rules mean the stock can just fall a most extreme 10% for each session. Portions of a Chinese pharmaceutical firm, which conceded exaggerating money possessions by $4.4 billion, have fallen by around 10% consistently since the “mistake” was first uncovered.

13. Beijing Tong Ren Tang  Pharmaceutical

Annual Revenue :  HK $1.5 Billion                                                            

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 817

Market Capital Value : $ 8.45 Billion

C.E.O.:  Laura Benjamin

Status : Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1669

Tong Ren Tang is a Chinese pharmaceutical organization established in 1669, which is presently the biggest maker of traditional Chinese medication (TCM). The organization is headquartered in Beijing, and is occupied with both production and retail deals, working medication stores overwhelmingly in Chinese-talking areas.

Tong Ren Tang is viewed as one of the “Large 4” customary Chinese prescription brands still in presence. The four organizations incorporate (recorded arranged by age not estimate): Guangyuyuan (1541 AD), Guangzhou Chen Liji (1600 AD), Beijing Tong Ren Tang (1669), and Hangzhou Hu Qing Yu Tang (1874). Tong Ren Tang and GuangYuYuan have been authoritatively perceived as “China Time-Honored Brands” by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.

Tongrentang’s items are regularly duplicated both inside and outside China. China’s Ministry of Commerce takes note of that “Tongrentang and others have had their names and brands wrongfully enrolled by other Chinese and abroad producers, bringing about a scrape in sends out, global trades and potential monetary misfortunes.

Annual Income and Revenue

Income expanded 19.6% year-on-year to HK$1.5 billion of 2018, and has developed at a compound yearly development rate (CAGR) of 19.8% in the course of the most recent six years.

Company Research

Established in 1669 during the Qing Dynasty in China, Beijing Tong Ren Tang was the restrictive regal drug store for a long time since 1723, ‘traversing the rule of eight sovereigns’. With 350 years of history, it is a notable easily recognized name in China.

Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine Company Limited makes, wholesales, and retails conventional Chinese prescription (TCM) and human services items. It likewise gives Chinese restorative counsel and medicines. It initially settled activities in Hong Kong in 2004, recorded on the Growth Enterprise Market in 2013 preceding moving to the Main Board of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in 2018. The organization is available in 21 nations and areas outside Mainland China and claims 81 retail outlets.


The Beijing Tong Ren Tang Chinese Medicine CEO got all out pay of only HK$1.7m in the year to December 2018. That is unmistakably well underneath normal, so initially, that course of action appears to be liberal to investors, and focuses to a humble compensation culture. President compensation levels are not the most significant measurement for financial specialists, yet when the compensation is humble, that supports upgraded arrangement between the CEO and the conventional investors. I’d likewise contend sensible compensation levels bear witness to great basic leadership all the more for the most part.


Tong Ren Tang and an American organization called Greater China Corporation together declared the arrangement of an association under the name Tong Ren Tang Wellness Corporation to “create spa-like health focuses that has been giving medications and items dependent on China’s celebrated TongRenTang natural prescriptions. These have included needle therapy, rub, pressure point massage, Tuina, T’ai chi, Qigong, reflexology and numerous other oriental medications just as a full line of home grown nourishments and wellbeing items.

14. Harbin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Annual Revenue : $2 Billion

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 15.40K

Market Capital Value : $ 8.276 Billion

President:  Zhenping Zhang

Status : Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1991

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. is China’s second-greatest medication producer by advertise esteem. Harbin Pharmaceutical is occupied with the exploration, improvement, assembling and clearance of pharmaceutical items. The Company basically offers anti-infection agents, Chinese patent meds, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, social insurance items and integrated arrangements, among others.

During the year finished December 31, 2007, the Company got roughly 73% and 14% of its complete income from the clearance of western meds and conventional Chinese meds, individually. As of December 31, 2007, the Company had two backups/partners: one works in assembling oral arrangements, while the other is occupied with the retail and discount of pharmaceuticals.

Annual Income and Revenue

Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. (HPGC) is a state-controlled Sino-remote value joint endeavor. It is made out of locally celebrated pharmaceutical organizations like HPGC General Factory, HPGC Sanjing, HPGC Sixth Factory, HPGC Chinese Medicine, HPGC Bioengineering and HPGC Vaccine, and business flow organizations like HPGC Medicine, HPGC Sales and HPGC Marketing. HPGC has two recorded organizations, HPGC Holding and HPGC Sanjing. HPGC claims 45.06% value stake in HPGC Holding, and HPGC Holding possesses 74.82% value stake in HPGC Sanjing. HPGC has in excess of 20,000 representatives, and complete resources of 18.5 billion RMB.

HPGC is coordinated with pharmaceutical production, exchange and R&D. They have seven primary business fragments, which are anti-microbials, little atomic medication arrangements, OTC and social insurance items, present day Chinese prescriptions, biopharmaceuticals, creature immunizations and drug courses. They produce in excess of 20 measurement structures and more than 1000 medications. The yearly creation limit is 15 thousand tons of API and intermediates, 2 billion vials of little atom sedate for infusion, 100 million vials of Chinese drug for infusion, 180 million vials of arrangement infusions, 11 billion tablets, 14 billion containers, 2.2 billion vials of oral arrangements and 30 billion dosages of creature antibodies.

HPGC items are sold all through China and in excess of fifty different nations. The pieces of the overall industry of cephalosporin APIs and arrangements, social insurance item arrangement of calcium enhancements, and Chinese prescriptions for infusion reliably rank first in the nation. Some portion of their items has arrived at European, Asian, African, and Middle and North American markets. The yearly outside trade procuring is in excess of 100 million dollars. In excess of 100 items surpass income of 10 million RMB, more than 30 of which surpass 100 million RMB.

Company Research

HARBIN PHARMACEUTICAL GROUP CO., LTD. is a China-based organization, chiefly occupied with the production and conveyance of pharmaceuticals. The Company’s significant items incorporate concoction crude prescriptions, anti-microbials, Chinese medications, compound medications, over-the-counter (OTC) meds, human services items, organic building, creature antibodies and creature cures, including infusions, powder infusions, oral fluid, tablets and containers, among others. The Company disseminates its items inside household markets and to abroad markets.


HPGC has been freely recorded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange since June 1993. The Company is a huge, cutting edge pharmaceutical organization that makes, appropriates, and directs innovative work for pharmaceutical items in China. HPGC is additionally one of the most significant brands in China’s pharmaceutical industry.

The Company procured a 40.1% value stake in GNC, a worldwide wellbeing and health brand, and obtained the enrollment, import endorsement and selective deals rights in China for six of GNC’s items. HPGC enhances its items structure through the import of new items and innovation transfer.HPGC’s solid product offering incorporates surely understood brands, for example, ‘SanJing’, ‘GaiZhongGai’ and ‘HuTong’. For 111, the vital collaboration extends our direct sourcing abilities and quality item contributions.

15. Zhejiang International Group Co. Ltd.

Annual Revenue : $6514.48Million                                                          

Headquarter : China

Number of Employees : 2524

Market Capital Value : $ 2.76 Billion

Chairman:  Ju Fang Jiang

Status : Chinese Pharmaceutical Company

Founded : 1950

Zhejiang International Group Co., Ltd. essentially fabricates pharmaceutical items, including medications, social insurance items, restorative instruments, and pharmaceutical crude materials. The Company likewise makes material items, grows land, and gives specialized administrations.

Zhejiang International Group Co., LTD. (hereinafter quickly called as ZIG) was built up in 1984, a completely claimed and holding organization of Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Health Industry Group Co., LTD.( with enlisted capital of RMB 2 billions), completely occupied with remote exchange and associated to Zhejiang International Business Group Co., LTD.

ZIG has set up long haul and close business relations with many residential fabricates and remote clients, collaborated with around 2000 local providers, among which 138 pharmaceutical and synthetic endeavors are in Zhejiang Province ,and offers items to about 2,000 outside clients in more than 140 nations and districts with the biggest fare showcase in India.

ZIG was the simultaneous Vice President for the seventh session of the Executive Council under China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Medicines and Health Products (CCCIEMHP) ,and for a few back to back years positioned Top 5 and TOP 10 ,separately, by CCCIEMHP for shippers and exporters of Chinese and Western Medicines, Western Medicine Raw Materials .

In 2017 it was indeed picked as one of China Top Ten Exporters for Pharmaceutical Formulations and furthermore, a main exporter among Top 100 Internationalized Pharma Companies for pharma arrangements and premium provider and helpful accomplice on the planet showcase .

Annual Income and Revenue

Zhejiang International Group Co., Ltd. primarily fabricates pharmaceutical items, including drugs, social insurance items, restorative instruments, and pharmaceutical crude materials. The Company additionally fabricates material items, grows land, and gives specialized administrations. It’s annual revenue is $5614.48 Million.

Company Research

ZIG handles the accompanying organizations: Pharmaceuticals including pharmaceutical crude materials and intermediates, western patent drug, biochemical items; Medical instruments including clinic indicative instruments, pharmaceutical hardware, restorative dressings, dispensable emergency clinic items and therapeutic materials; Chinese herbs items including Chinese restorative materials and pieces arranged for decoction and exclusive Chinese medications, nourishment and fixings; Nutrition and social insurance items including creature and plant extricates, wellbeing items, dietary enhancements, nourishment and feed added substances; Fine synthetic substances including horticultural synthetics, color and shade synthetics, compound helpers and added substances, fundamental synthetic substances, unique and custom union synthetics.

ZIG holds different capability endorsements required for business tasks, fundamentally including the Certificate of ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System, Pharmaceutical Trade License and GSP(Good Supply Practice for Pharmaceutical Products) Certificate, Medical Device Business License, CE Certificate for Medical Device and Certificate of ISO13485:2016 Quality Management System, Hazardous Chemicals Operating License and Certificate for Safety Standardization, Non-pharmaceutical Precursor Chemicals Distribution License, Pesticide Business License , Foodstuffs Trade License, and so forth.


ZIG has numerous results of various classifications enlisted abroad, including pharmaceutical arrangements, staples, wellbeing items, pesticides, medicinal gadgets enrolled in USA and Europe , and various trademarks, for example, ZIG, SENA, AROS that appreciate a high notoriety in numerous African nations.

ZIG logo is significantly progressively renowned in the business sectors in India, the United States and Europe. ZIG is in a conspicuous situation in the line of pharmaceuticals and synthetic substances send out , appreciates great business trustworthiness , a sizeable supplies and deals promoting system ,and providers and clients bunches just as a business group with proficient foundations and global business encounters. We earnestly wish to set up with our household and remote providers and clients a relationship on a long haul , well disposed , agreeable and win-win premise together to make a brilliant future.


Zhejiang International Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a China-based organization, mainly occupied with the innovative work, assembling and conveyance of claim to fame mass pharmaceutical synthetic concoctions and planning items.

The Company’s mass pharmaceutical synthetic compounds for the most part incorporate antineoplastic medications, cardiovascular medications, hostile to disease drugs, endocrine control drugs, anthelmintic, just as creature cures, among others. The Company is likewise occupied with the offers of medications fabricated by different organizations. The Company circulates its items in household markets and to abroad markets.

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