Top 40 Medical Device Companies In New Jersey

New Jersey, is home to some of the most innovative and dynamic medical device companies in the world. 

From large multinational corporations to small startups, these companies are pushing the boundaries of medical technology and creating products that help improve people’s lives. 

In this article, we highlight the top 40 medical device companies in New Jersey and take a closer look at what makes them stand out in the competitive field of medical devices.

1. Terumo

Terumo is a global medical device company offering a wide range of products and services to advance healthcare. Its products include cardiac and vascular devices, insulin pumps, blood bag systems, and interventional systems. Terumo has a strong reputation for innovation and quality and is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through its products and services.

2. Integra LifeSciences

Integra LifeSciences is a medical tech giant known for its innovative products in regenerative tissue and neurosurgery. With a diverse portfolio of products, the company offers surgical instruments, wound care solutions, and products for soft tissue, nerve, and tendon repair. Global presence with offices and manufacturing facilities worldwide, Integra’s high-quality brands are available through sales reps, distributors, and wholesalers.

3. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson provides a variety of medical supplies and services. The medical company is committed to making people’s lives better all throughout the world, whether it be with surgical tools or over-the-counter medicines. J&J has a long history of innovation and success, as well as a solid reputation for ethical behavior and corporate responsibility. J&J operates in over 60 countries providing health care and is a partner to numerous healthcare providers.

4. ElectroCore

ElectroCore has established itself as a leader in the field of medical technology with its innovative approach to the treatment of migraines and chronic headaches. The company’s non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation devices have been scientifically proven to provide effective relief and have been granted approval by the FDA. 

5. CitiusTech

CitiusTech is a leading player in the healthcare industry, offering end-to-end services including consulting, engineering, and cutting-edge healthcare solutions. Their Perform+ Suite helps organizations tackle complex business needs, with a focus on data scalability, value-based contracts, and regulatory compliance. Empower your team with custom solutions designed to improve performance management and enhance patient experiences. 

6. Cantel Medical

Cantel Medical is a foremost provider of infection prevention products in the healthcare sector. Their endoscopy segment offers a comprehensive range of single-use valves, reprocessing systems, disinfectants, and other critical supplies, all designed to safeguard patients during endoscopic procedures. From face masks and sterilization pouches to tray covers and germicidal wipes, Cantel’s dental segment provides essential single-use items for dental professionals.

7. Enhatch

Enhatch Medical Company revolutionizes the surgical industry with its Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem. Their software converts 2D images into 3D models, streamlines case preparation with patient-matched instruments and 3D printing, and improves communication through real-time visibility. Its customers can experience the benefits of improved accuracy and reduced errors with Enhatch’s innovative surgical solutions.

8. Onkos Surgical

Onkos Surgical is at the forefront of surgical innovation, delivering exceptional products to healthcare providers. Onkos offerings aim to enhance patient outcomes, streamline procedures, and improve surgical precision. From precision instruments to patient-matched implants, Onkos Surgical’s offerings are a testament to their commitment to improving patient outcomes.

9. Valeritas

Valeritas offers a simple solution for people with diabetes through their V-Go Wearable Insulin Delivery Device. This small, discreet device provides 24-hour continuous infusion and on-demand bolus dosing, making insulin management easier and more convenient. Real-world data shows that V-Go can help lower A1C levels with less insulin. 

10. Angel Medical Systems

Angel Medical Systems is revolutionizing heart attack detection with the Guardian System. As the only FDA-approved solution for detecting and warning patients of acute thrombotic coronary occlusion, the Guardian is based on the results of a 900-patient study. With recent approval for longer battery life and Transitional Pass-Through status from CMS, the Guardian provides patients with early detection and peace of mind. 

11. Access Bio

Access Bio is dedicated to fighting infectious diseases through research, development, and manufacturing of in vitro diagnostic products. Their product line includes rapid diagnostic tests, innovative biosensors, and molecular diagnostic solutions. The FDA recently extended the expiration of the Carestart Covid-19 rapid antigen test from 12 months to 16 months. It has also partnered with organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, WHO, and UNICEF, Access Bio. 

12. Cosan Group

Cosán Group Medical is at the forefront of preventative care for aging individuals. By delivering a comprehensive care coordination tool suite to healthcare organizations, payers, and patients, they are improving outcomes and quality of life for older adults. Their programs, such as Chronic Care Management and Tele-Health, help bridge the gap in care between exams and lead to cost savings, increased practice revenue, and improved outcomes.

13. PONS

PONS is revolutionizing medical care with its AI-powered mobile ultrasound technology. The company’s innovative machine vision system allows doctors to remotely monitor patients, perform medical imaging, and receive instant reports. With applications ranging from blood pressure measurement to injury monitoring, PONS is transforming the way medical imaging is performed and helping to improve patient outcomes.

14. Nephros

Nephros Medical has established a reputation as a provider of innovative filtration solutions through its use of hollow-fiber technology. Their products include FDA-cleared infection control filters for dialysis and polyphosphate-free filters for commercial markets. Nephros also offers water-quality education to ensure a comprehensive approach to water safety.

15. The Derm Group

The Derm Group is a subsidiary of Schweiger Dermatology Group and provides comprehensive dermatology services across the Northeast. They offer medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology, skin cancer detection and treatment, and innovative advanced treatments like robotic hair restoration and non-surgical skin tightening. They have a pathology lab on hand to provide timely results and offer appointments with or without insurance.

16. Svelte Medical Systems

Svelte Medical Systems provides advanced medical devices and services designed to improve patient outcomes in minimally invasive procedures. Their products include stents, embolic protection devices, and guidewires, designed for use in minimally invasive procedures. The company also provides training and support to healthcare professionals.

17. WindMIL Therapeutics

WindMIL Therapeutics is a medical device company that specializes in cellular therapies for cancer patients. Their proprietary process creates MILs, a cellular product containing activated tumor-targeting memory T cells derived from the bone marrow. This unique approach to T-cell therapy addresses current challenges and offers patient-specific, broadly antigen-specific, highly cytotoxic, and highly persistent treatments.

18. Flowonix Medical

Flowonix Medical specializes in implantable drug pumps for the treatment of chronic disorders. Their Prometra® II pumps, both 20ml and 40ml, have been approved for use with intrathecal baclofen to relieve severe spasticity. With decades of experience and a focus on innovation, Flowonix is dedicated to improving patients’ lives and alleviating their suffering.

19. Autonomous Healthcare

Autonomous Healthcare offers innovative medical technologies to improve patient outcomes. Syncron-E detects severe patient-ventilator asynchrony, E-Fusion is a smart fluid and vasoactive drug management system, and AstroSight provides video analytics and vital sign monitoring for astronauts. All technologies are designed to provide efficient, non-invasive care. However, they are currently for investigational use only and not FDA-approved.

20. Diopsys

Diopsys offers a leading-edge technology, the NOVA-VEP test, for measuring the visual pathway from the retina to the brain. This test provides insights into eye-to-brain communication for various neuro-visual disorders like age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinal vein occlusion, uveitis, and more. The VEP technology of the NOVA device is unparalleled in accurately detecting vision-related issues.

21. W.L. Gore & Associates

W.L. Gore & Associates is a renowned medical company known for its innovative and life-saving medical devices. With over 3,500 patented inventions globally across electronics, medical devices, and polymer processing, the company has delivered more than 50 million cutting-edge medical devices worldwide, positively impacting the lives of countless patients.

22. IC Surgical

IC Surgical revolutionizes surgery with its Interi System technology, delivering consistent suction pressure in internal tissue planes through the Interi Therapy Unit and Manifold. The system addresses top surgical complications, such as seroma, and offers a solution for continuous fluid removal and broad coverage of closed surgical spaces. Their patented design, IC Surgical is leading the way in addressing the major unmet need in surgery.

23. HealthChain

Health Chain provides an innovative platform that connects Patients, Payers, and Providers on a digital network to manage healthcare processes in a data-driven ecosystem. Their solution integrates patient data from various sources for Payers, creating an interoperable and data-driven health plan. Health Chain’s main focus is on improving healthcare data interoperability and secure access to patient data. HealthChain is on a mission to enhance the medical device industry with the power of blockchain.

24. Tyber Medical

Tyber Medical provides revolutionary orthopedic implants with a focus on speed and efficiency. With a portfolio of FDA-cleared and CE-marked products in the spine and extremity/trauma markets, they offer rapid access to essential medical devices. Tyber Medical’s commitment to bioengineered technology platforms has resulted in the release of numerous spine and trauma/extremity systems so far.

25. Grace Therapeutics

Grace Therapeutics is a specialty pharma firm specializing in developing treatments for rare & orphan diseases using innovative delivery technology. Their pipeline features late-stage products for Postherpetic Neuralgia, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage & Ataxia Telangiectasia. Their experienced team combines scientific expertise with commercial know-how for maximum value creation & improved patient outcomes.

26. PDI Healthcare

PDI Healthcare is a leading provider of infection prevention solutions aimed at protecting patients and reducing healthcare costs. Their products, including the Profend® Nasal Decolonization Kit, are designed to defend against surgical and ICU infections. Their approach is layered, ensuring effective protection. In addition, they offer educational resources and up-to-date information on Influenza and COVID-19 to stay informed. PDI’s ultimate goal is to improve patient outcomes, satisfaction, and safety while avoiding penalties.

27. The CPAP Shop

The CPAP Shop offers a wide range of products and services for the treatment of sleep apnea. They sell CPAP machines, masks, filters, and other supplies. They also offer repair services for broken equipment. The company is committed to providing the latest and most advanced sleep apnea treatments, including new machines with innovative features. The CPAP Shop strives to improve the quality of life for those with sleep apnea by providing the best products and services available.

28. HearingLife

HearingLife provides hearing healthcare services and products to help improve the lives of those with hearing loss. They provide hearing assessments and tests and sell a variety of hearing aids from top brands. The company’s more than 600 clinics, located in 42 states, make it convenient for customers to access their services. HearingLife is committed to improving the hearing health of communities in New Jersey and across the country through its professional services and top-quality products.

29. A&E Medical

For Cardio-Thoracic surgery, A&E Medical provides a variety of high-quality surgical devices, such as temporary pacing wires, surgical punches, and sternum cerclage closure. A&E Medical is dedicated to designing, producing, and distributing products that fulfill the demands of Cardio-Thoracic surgeons all over the world. They have a staff of 90 experienced experts working at its headquarters and manufacturing facility in New Jersey.

30. HS Design

HSD, a SteriPack Company, is a leading provider of product design and development services, offering a full range of capabilities including design research, industrial design, engineering, and rapid prototyping. With a focus on medical, scientific, and consumer healthcare products, they specialize in creating innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. Their services include design research and human factors, industrial design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering, among others. 

31. South Jersey Radiology

South Jersey Radiology Associates is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services, offering a wide range of services including MRI, CT, ultrasound, x-rays, and women’s imaging. With experienced, sub-specialty-trained radiologists and accredited technologists, SJRA delivers accurate results in a comfortable and convenient outpatient setting. Patients can expect high-quality, cost-effective care without the hassle of navigating hospital facilities.

32. Hiossen

Hiossen is a leading global provider of implant dentistry solutions with a comprehensive dental portfolio including implants, equipment, biomaterials, oral care, and more. With the latest technology like the SmartFit Centers and the T2 CBCT Scanner, Hiossen is committed to providing the best surgical and restorative outcomes for patients worldwide.

33. Replication Medical

Replication Medical offers innovative solutions for low back pain caused by degenerative disc disease. Utilizing their proprietary hydrogel technology (HPAN), they offer a range of minimally invasive spine implants, including EnGuard, GelStix, and GelFix, for use by a variety of medical professionals. These products aim to improve patient outcomes and reduce the impact of low back pain.

34. Precision Spine

Precision Spine is a provider of spinal products for hospitals, surgeons, and insurance companies. With a comprehensive portfolio of products and a commitment to innovation, Precision Spine offers advanced treatment options for challenging surgical procedures. Made in the USA, their products are ISO Certified and adhere to AdvaMed’s Code of Ethics for the medical device industry.

35. American Products Company

American Products is a precision machining company known for its exceptional quality and dedication to accuracy. From conventional lathes to cutting-edge CNC machines, they continuously invest in technology to provide top-notch products and services. As a subsidiary of Picut Manufacturing, they have expanded capabilities to offer a wide range of precision machining solutions. 

36. Case Medical

Case Medical offers innovative solutions for sterile processing and infection prevention in the healthcare industry. With a commitment to quality, compatibility, and safety, their products include the SteriTite® Universal Sealed Container System and Case Solutions® Instrument Chemistries. These pH-neutral solutions extend the life of medical instruments while reducing waste and saving money. 

37. Exeltis

Exeltis, a women’s healthcare provider, offers a range of innovative products to improve women’s health. Part of the global InSud Pharma group, Exeltis is a family-owned company with over 40 years of experience and a commitment to serving patients and contributing to society. With a focus on women’s health, Exeltis offers products like Drospirenone, a 4mg estrogen-free, progestin-only film-coated tablet for pregnancy prevention and endometriosis treatment.

38. Master Bond

Master Bond is a provider of advanced adhesives with over 3,000 grades available. Their product line includes epoxy, silicone, UV, and LED curable systems, polyurethanes, and polysulfides certified to industry specifications. From NASA’s low outgassing to FDA and RoHS-compliant products, they offer a diverse and high-performance product line

39. Excelsior Medical

Excelsior Medical is a leading manufacturer of pre-filled saline and heparin flush syringes, syringe pumps, and pharmacy dispensing systems. They also developed SwabCap and SwabFlush, a sterile packaged disinfection cap and a combination of a saline flush syringe and disinfection cap, respectively. The use of SwabCap and SwabFlush has been recognized by numerous scientific presentations and is included in new infection control recommendations sponsored by SHEA.

40. Sensor Scientific

The design, development, and production of thermistors and temperature sensor assemblies for medical applications are the area of expertise of Sensor Scientific. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, the company operates under ISO 9001 standards and delivers fast responses to clients. Sensor Scientific is a trusted provider of reliable and accurate temperature-sensing solutions in the medical industry.